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After four months of torture, the family of the prisoner Hamzeh Asakereh knows he is alive.

The young man Hamzeh Asakereh, seventeen-year-old, raised the national flag on one

of Ahwaz electricity poles in the Koura district in the city of Ma’ashour four months ago, as the Ahwazi Centre for Human Right has received the news from trusted source.


After this heroism action, Hamzeh disappeared, where there was no place where his family went to ask about their son, but they couldn’t find him or find any answer to lead them to their son, until they received a call a few days ago from the Persian authorities telling them that he is alive and is being kept in a prison without telling which location or prison.

The Persian authorities did not declare to his family about the charges that Hamzeh could face them where the phone call made the family more nervous about detainee’s health.

There is a large number of Ahwazis that are detained by the Persian security authorities without anyone knows the whereabouts of their detention and they practiced the ugliest forms of physical and psychological torture against these Ahwazi prisoners.

There are a lot of Ahwazi prisoners that passed away as a result of excessive torture, including the martyr Ali Batrani and the martyr Geiban Obeidawi, during the fifteenth of April, 2005 uprising.


Ahwazi Centre for Human Right


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