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Ahwazi Centre for Human Right participate in “Oppressed minorities and intellectual terrorism” conference in Vienna

Ahwazi Centre for Human Right with its Jordanian Lawyer representative Mrs. Shatha Jreisat has participated in “Oppressed minorities and intellectual terrorism” conference in Austrian capital Vienna on 27-July- 2015.


The conference has been set up by Catholic Church Synod with cooperation of the Islamic Studies Center and a group of human rights associations in the European Union in the Austrian capital Vienna with the participation of 22 European and Arab countries.


The Arab countries, which participated in the conference, are Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt and Jordan. The conference attended by seven elders Islamic cleric, twelve Christian and 3 nuns.

The overall attendances were 250 people including 50 participants and 20 people between media and newspaper and the rest were invited from the United Nations and international and local jurists, activists and organizations.

Lawyer Mrs. Shatha Jreisat during her 20-minutes speech was pointing about what are the Ahwazi Arab people are suffering from criminal Iranian regime where Ahwazis are arrested and detained when they dressed their traditional clothes or in order to put pressure on Ahwazi activists in exile, the Iranian authorities are arresting their relative in Ahwaz, the same situation that occurred to Ahwazi Centre for human Right executive director’s father, where since 17-06-2015 the Iranian officials has arrested Mr. Hassan Maramazi without any prior notice and since that date there is no news about the detainees that his age has exceeds the six decades.

The other pointes were the arrest of Ahwazis who are Sunni belief and arrested just for being Sunni and also wide rampant of drug among Ahwazis where Iranian officials by spreading the drug, they destroy the young generation and not to claim their legitimate rights.

Finally Mrs. Jreisat thanked all in charge of the conference for their opportunity to speak about Ahwazi Arab oppressions and cruelty they faced daily at the hand of Iranian regime.

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