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Death of an Ahwazi man due to acid rain

Al-Ahwaz region has experienced an acid rain that leads to death

of an Ahwazi man and prominence of respiratory problems to children and elderly people on Wednesday 29-October 2015.

Mr Reza Sari (Abo Halim), while inhaler spray was discovered beside him, found dead when his colleagues was going to work this morning (Thursday 29-October 2015) when encountered with his dead body.

Mr Sari was working as guard in cooperative company in Nabovat area in Ahwaz capital.

Iranian semi-official website ” Asre-ma” has announced that due to last acid rain in Al-Ahwaz 8000 patients been referred to the hospital which is obvious not exact number where last year about 22000 patient been referred to hospital after acid rain.

In contact with an Ahwazi human right activist from Ahwaz and wished to not mentioned his name for security reason, stated that “ in early hours of today (Thursday) I took my brother to Imam Khomeini hospital where I found mass people are awaiting to be treated in hospital where it was difficult for Ambulance to enter the hospital. “

“Hundreds of Ahwazi people were in hospital and some of the children and adults were in critical situation and the situation is similar in other hospitals in Ahwaz where Imam Khomeini hospital’s pharmacy has declared that inhalers spray are OVER.” He added.

The picture clearly shows the referral of large number of Ahwazi Arab people to hospital and also lack of hospital stuff such as doctor and nurse where some of the patients (3-4) are admitted in one patient bed!

Ahwazi Arab people has to pay for all treatments where its been announced free earlier while they are suffering from respiratory problems due to vicious systematic plan in diverting Ahwazi river water to the other cities of Iran.

Previously Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has published a report about facts that are leading to acid rain in Al-Ahwaz on 08- Februray 2015.

Al-Ahwaz is one of the most polluted regions in world according to world health organization (WHO) and a few months ago Al-Ahwaz recognizes one of the hottest regions in the world with 72 degree above zero.

Despite of large number of patients who are referred to hospital but the Iranian authority do not state the exact number of people that suffering from respiratory problems.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights strongly condemns the Iranian government systematic plans in deliberately diverting Ahwazi water that lead to occurring such phenomena and asking UN special rapporteur Mr Ahmad Shaheed to condemn Iranian officials about the tsunami of various disease that affecting life of indigenous people.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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