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Iranian intelligence chasing director of the Ahwazi cultural institution of “Alshourogh”

According to reliable source quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights

that Iranian intelligence security forces raided the house of the Ahwazi national poet Mr Ali Abu Shurooq Torfi, in order to arrest him, but were not present in the house during the raid on Monday 26-October 2015.


The same sources confirmed that the Iranian intelligence men searched and messed the house and scarred his wife and children in order to arrest him or get any document that could condemn him where they get back with empty hand. So far the authorities did not explain to Mr Torfi’s family reason for his arrest.

The Iranian authority during Khatami’s presidency has banned the Alshourogh institution activities and arrested all the in-charge in the institution, including the Ahwazi poet Mr Torfi, where he was arrested several times during the Ahwazi Intifada April 15, 2005.

Iranian intelligence services has intensified its arrest against Ahwazi poet and cultural activists where they arrested Ahwazi’s national poet Ahmad Hazbawi in April and Aziz Kenani in May and despite of warning from Ban Ki Moon the UN secretary general and Ahmad Shaheed UN special rapporteur of Iran about Iranian human rights record getting worse but the intelligence service increased it arrest in April during the Ahwazi Intifada anniversary and in July during to Eid Fitr celebration and in October during early days of Moharam holy month.

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