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Premeditated chlorine gas attack was launched against Ahwazi civilians

Iranian authorities have failed to implement an ethnic cleansing operation

in Al-Ahwaz, which was nearly claiming the lives of thousands of innocent people who were secure in their homes in Qalaat Chanan southeast of the capital of Al-Ahwaz in the evening of Saturday 12-September 2015.

The failure came after thousands of the region’s population rushed to the streets as a result of inhalation of chlorine toxic gas swept through the highly populated area of Qalaat Chanan.

The Iranian pro-media announced that the gas spread due to opening a bottle containing chlorine gas by an addicted in the Qalaat Chanan’s neighborhood. In contrast, residents of the area denied this news through interviews they had with the media.

However, the story entirely different from what the resident has witnesses where they said that suspected were more than one person and wearing masks during the 100 Kilograms bottle weight of chlorine gas discharge, and then fled from the scene and police and security forces came to the scene with a delay that exceeded four hours.

The Iranian media has published conflicting statistics about the number of victims of inhaling chlorine gas, where “asre-ma” website has published an estimated proportion of infected people that are more than six hundred and majority of those affected and poisoned people were transferred to nearby hospital after four hours delay for the distance that do not exceed 12 Kilo Meter between the place of incident and ambulance place.

Iranian authorities claimed that all the injured have been treated while many people have been confirmed that they objected to the lack of ambulances and even upon their delayed arrival to the hospital, the medical staff did not do necessary treatment for them.

One of the residents said,” We went out with our children and women to the streets in search to a safe place that could protect us from intense smell of gas, which at the time was a lack of oxygen and led to the fall of hundreds of poisoned on the streets.”

What happened to the village of Qalaat Chanan due to chlorine toxic gas attack was systematically premeditated where such gasses, even if the infected person handed over from it, but they will suffer from the futility of shortness of breath for the rest of their life.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights strongly condemns this outrageous act that is conducted by Iranian authority’s mercenaries in line with the aim of Ahwazis ethnic cleansing as well as intimidating the people forcing them to leave their homeland.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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