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An Ahwazi Arab child’ life in danger after bomb explosion

An Ahwazi Arab child named as Hamzeh Obeidawi son of Mahdi while was playing in football playground, has been severely injured after bomb explosion on Thursday 10-December 2015.


Child Hamzeh 11 years old and resident of Sayahi district badly injured and been admitted to CCU unit of Ahwazi Golestan hospital.

Sources quoted that this incident happened after explosives remnants dumped outside the “Farjawani Camp ” and left without legal supervision or standards dumped.

It is worth mentioning that since Ahwazis are living on richest land but the poverty can be found at each home where after incident, child’s parent took Hamzeh to nearby Karami’s hospital and due to requiring high expense of treatment, Hamzeh’s parent were unable to pay hospital demands and took the victim to another hospital while the child was bleeding.

Many Ahwazi children and adult lost their feet or hands due to bomb explosion that remain outside Iranian military camp or even remain from Iranian-Iraqi war.

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