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Arrests and 15 death sentences threaten Ahwazi Arab citizens’ life

After passing nearly two months from the arrest of dozens of Ahwazi Arab activists in several cities such as Susa city, Iranian judiciary has published 8 names that have been accused with “ enemy with god “ and “against national security” that are facing imminent risk of executions.

All the detainees that their names have been published were arrested during the raid by Iranian intelligence services to the “Beit Alaw” and “Khalaf Moslem” villages of the Susa city on 21-22 October 2015 and the names as follows:


1) Majed Abdulahi (Kaabi) son of Daham and 21 years old,

2) Jassem Abdulahi (Kaabi) son of Abid and 28 years old,

3) Majid Abdulahi (Kaabi) son of Mashaf and 24 years old,

4) Mohammad Abdulahi (Kaabi) son of Halil and 32 years old,

5) Issa Abdulahi (Kaabi) son of Nasser and 28 years old,

6) Hassun Abdulahi (Kaabi) son of Habib and 29 years old,

7) Mohsen Kaabi son of Ali,

8) Hossain Abdulahi (Kaabi), 22 years old.

There was a shooting to gathered people for Moharram event (first 10 days of Moharram) by unknown person(s) earlier of November this year, and Iranian intelligence service accused all detainees of doing such crime.

One of the detainees’ relative stated that Iranian intelligence service office contacted the prisoners’ families and informed them about their son’s sentences that it spread concerns among families where issuing such verdicts without prior notice shows lacked of transparency and integrity of the Iranian judiciary.

According to human right activist within Al-Ahwaz that confirmed to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR), detainees were denied from basic rights of detentions, such as a phone call to their families or even a lawyer.

Meanwhile, the Iranian Intelligence has raided the Ghalea Kanaan district in the suburb of Ahwaz capital on 05-December 2015 and terrorized children as well as women and arrested several Ahwazi Arab youth that their names as follows:

1) Lafteh Hazbawi son of Latif,

2) Ali Hazbawi son of Latif,

3) Aziz Hazbawi son of Jarralah,

4) Mohammad Barihi son of Hassan,

5) Jabbar Ghalaawi,

6) Mohammad Ghalaawi,

7) Emad Zergani,

8) Yousef Bawi,

9) Amir Amouri,

10) Fares Amouri,

11) Jamal Amouri.

The arrest take place during funeral ceremony of an Ahwazi Arab man and according to the tradition, number of Ahwazi young people fired several bursts toward the sky which it led to police and Basij forces for interventions to arrest one of the youths, where most of the people participating in mourning clashed with police forces that led to calling reservist from intelligence service for those forces who got stuck between the crowd.

According to trusted sources quoted to ACHR that Iranian intelligence service has arrested an Ahwazi young named as Khaled Samad Alboghebeish on 23 of November 2015.

Mr Khaled resident of Falahiyeh city 33 years old, single and working as motorbike repair, received a letter from intelligence department to present himself without indicating the reason for appearance which he was arrested after his arrival to the intelligence service.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns the mass arbitrary arrests and collective verdicts issuance against Ahwazi Arab civilians, where these provisions are issued when the detainees were in the secret cells of the Iranian intelligence department and under physical and psychological torture, and calls upon all human rights organizations and defenders especially United Nations special rapporteur for Iran Mr Ahmad Shaheed to stop Iranian human rights violations against Ahwazi Arabs in particular and non-Persian nations in general.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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