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Pleas to human right organization to rescue a kidnapped Ahwazi child

Iranian intelligence service has kidnapped an Ahwazi Arab child named as Hamzeh Asakereh (also another surname as: Hossein zadeh) son of Abbas without the knowledge of his family on 8thof February 2015.

Relative quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights that Mr. Hamzeh Asakereh with age 17 from Alkurah (Mahshahr) city, student in Alkurah school been kidnapped by intelligence service since last year where Asakereh’s family searched every where to find out him but the search was unsuccessful.

Despite of wide range of seeking in all Ahwazi hospitals, local media and police stations but their search was in vain until passing four months of their son’s disappearance, Asakereh’s relative received phone call from intelligence service stating that Hamzeh is in detention without specifying his place of detention and demanding from family not to search for their beloved son.

Shortly after receiving phone call, family went to intelligence service department in Ahwaz capital where intelligence service department declined of holding Mr. Hamzeh in their detention and told the family that Hamzeh is charged with dropping down Iranian flag during demonstration in Alkurah city.

Hamzeh’s father Abbas also known as cultural activist that been arrested for several time by intelligence service with charges of “propaganda against regime” and died in 2014 in suspicious manner.

Hamzeh Asakereh’s family are concerned about the fate of their son and believe that not allowing them to see him by intelligence raise doubts about his fate.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns Iranian enforced disappearances of an Ahwazi child Hamzeh Asakereh and calls to all human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch and all relevant organizations belongs to United Nations to put pressure on Iranian authorities specially intelligence service to release Ahwazi child from prison without any condition as it violates all human rights conventions and treaties.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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