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Swine flu virus reaps Ahwazi lives

Al-Ahwaz region is one of the most polluted region in the world that brings catastrophic consequences to Ahwazi Arab

people such as high rate of death and mortality of Ahwazi children due to shortness of breath and asthma caused by extensive dust particle as well as raise of disastrous unknown disease such as various kind of cancer and also surge in infertility among Ahwazi new marriages.


Apart from mentioned devastating circumstances, Swine flu virus reaps more Ahwazi lives where health departments in the cities of Quneitra (Dezful), Abushehr, Abadan, Mohammareh and the port of Kanaan, announced death of Ahwazi Arabs as a result of being infected with swine flu.

An Ahwazi girl named as Ebtehal Torfi with age 12 years old and Adults named as Reza Hamid Jaderi and Mehdi Hasan Sari (pictured) all from Ahwaz capital has been died due to infection with swine flu. Reports by Iranian local media shows that a 41 years old man from Quneitra (Dezful), two men from Abadan and Mohammareh, two men in Abushehr as well as pregnant women all died by swine flu.

Despite of the increasing number of swine flu’s victims declared in Ahwaz but still the Iranian authorities discreetly on the actual number of people living with the deadly virus which caused the spread of fear and horror among the Ahwaz Arab people.

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