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Iran is waging war on Ahwazi demographic changes through home demolition

Iranian municipality Bulldozers backed by revolutionary Guard and Basij stormed Masha’li

neighbourhood, southeast of the capital of Ahwaz on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 where they worked on the demolition of a number of Ahwazi Arabs’ houses, that led to displacement of inhabitants in the open place without shelter, despite the cold weather which hit Al-Ahwaz nowadays.

The bulldozers have targeted a number of homes belonging to Ahwaz Arabs under the pretext that they were built without a permit, where activists within Al-Ahwaz quoted that “Iranian vicious crime against Ahwazis in demolitioning of Masha’li neighbourhood houses is tantamount to the implementation of the policies of Tehran’s anti-citizen efforts to displacement of Ahwazi Arabs from their homeland. ”

Iranian revolutionary and Basij forces did not allow people to take photograph from incident where they have confiscated a few mobile phones from Ahwazi citizens who were taken picture from home demolition.

The security and municipal agents in Ahwaz capital stormed a homes in “Zafaraniyah” neighborhood by throwing their furniture out onto the street on Sunday morning, 18 January 2015.

On 15 November 2014, Iranian bulldozers raided the poor Ahwazi Arabs homes in “Om Alghezlan “neighborhood to be swept away as part of a criminal attempts to eradicate the Ahwazi Arab people from their land and keep them away from their living and their childhood areas.

This is not the first incident of demolishing Ahwazi Arab’s houses where a 15-year-old Ahwazi Arab boy, Morteza Alsoweidi, was shot down during a demonstration against his home demolition on 12 April 2013.

Colonel Chabok Sawar killed Alsoweidi as he joined local people in protesting against the destruction of Arab houses in the area where he lived with his family. He lived in the village of Al-Chenebah in the Sayed Mousa area.

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