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Heavy rain damages agriculture in Al-Ahwaz

A heavy rain brought disastrous losses to farmers in almost all cities of Khuzestan (part of Al-Ahwaz) province such as Ahwaz capital, Susa, Tustar (Shushtar) and Alsalehiyeh (Andimeshk) a few days ago.

In a contact with Ahwazi Arab farmer within Al-Ahwaz and that wished to be remain anonymous for security reasons stated to the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that due to mass dam building over Ahwazi rivers by the Iranian government, we (Ahwazi Arab farmers) faced shortage in water and in most of the times government is forbidden us from farming with pretext of having lack of groundwater or due to drought!

Mr Masood Asadi Head of Khuzestan (part of Al-Ahwaz) farmer’s house by stating that the rains, has brought heavy damage to vegetable crops and especially to the thousands hectares of wheat fields that were nearly harvesting in all Ahwazi areas.

Reports by Iranian local media showed that damage to agricultural in Alsalehiyeh (Andimeshk) was between 50-70 percent to all wheat field and cost up to 51 billion Rials and 460 billion Rials damage to wheat field in Shawour city as well as Susa city with 110 billion Rials damage cost.

Farmers concern raises when the government sending expert to estimate the level and cost of damage and expert will issue insurance within government low level payment limit. In other words, the government will pay something too low to farmers that could not fill up the farmers’ expenditures!

ACHR has received a video about wheat field damages that brought extensive losses to Ahwazi Arab farmers. The video clearly shows that almost all the agricultural crop been destroyed and nothing left for farmers.

To view the video please click here.

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