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Ahwazi Arab arrest intensifies in April

According to reliable sources within Al-Ahwaz quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights(ACHR) that Iranian security forces has arrested mass number of Ahwazi Arab young in different cities of Al-Ahwaz region on Wednesday the 13th of April 2016 and Ahwazi activist consider it as ahead step to spread the fear and terror among the Ahwazi youth as present days are commemorate with Ahwazi intifada and occupation day.

Source stated that the Iranian forces has raided the AhmadAbad district in Susa city north of Ahwaz capital and arrested five Ahwazi Arab young. The source could have identified following names and they are as follows:

1)          Milad Dabat, 22 years old, married and has one child of 4 years old,

2)        Faisal Dabat, 17 years old,

3)        Mustafa Dabat, 17 years old,

4)        Ali Kaabi, 27 years old,

5)         Ali Dabat, 18 years old.

Sources confirmed that security forces have arrested all detainees in mid day and assaulted them with beatings and tampered with the Ahwazi Arab houses.

The arrests carried out by security forces came after the youth of the city of Susa interact with video clips of a Ahwazi young creator Mr Mohammed Dabat that recently seek asylum in Denmark country and published them periodically. Detainee Mr Milad is brother of Mohammad Dabat.

Ahwaz capital was another place where Iranian security forces has arrested three Ahwazi Arab young and took them to unknown place.

Sources could have identified following names:

1)          Sajad Haidari from Ahwazi capital,

2)        Abdullah Hazbawi, 24, living in Kut Abdullah,

3)        Sajad Hilali, 27, living in Kut Abdullah.

In a similar vein Ahwazi activist has quoted to ACHR another two Ahwazi Arab young that been arrested in Weis city located in north of Ahwaz capital on Wednesday the 6th of April 2016.

Activists has identified following names:

1)          Thamer Jamei

2)        Sadegh Mayahi

Both the detainees are married and has a kids and working in free market and never been arrested before.

The activist stated that the Iranian intelligence service has contacted dozens of Ahwazi activists and asked them to be present at the intelligence centre as the fear of Ahwaz region could face of uprising getting more more.

The detainees’ families has no information about their sons so far and requesting the international human rights organisation to condemn the Iranian vicious policies in cracking down Ahwazi Arab young.

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