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An Ahwazi martyr and three others wounded by the Iranian security forces

Reliable source quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that Iranian security forces has killed an Ahwazi young named as Faisal Obeidawi and wounded two others on Monday night the 11th of April 2016.

Source added that a vehicle belonging to the Iranian security forces after monitoring, chased a car carrying three Ahwazi young in the way of Ahwaz capital-Alkhafajiyeh and after their arrival to the entrance Alkhafajiyeh city the security service opened the fire on the car that led to death of an Ahwazi young Faisal Obeidawi and wounded two others named as Khalil Obeidawi and Saeed Sari.

The intelligence agents left the weapon near the body of an Ahwazi martyr and capture an image to justify their crime in such way that the weapon was in his possession. Also the Iranian security service did not express any comment regarding the incident that led to killing of an Ahwazi young so far.

In related context the Iranian security forces has opened a fired toward an Ahwazi young named as Mustafa Netham Majid and wounded him severely on the 1st of April 2016.

Source added that the intelligence forces has fired with live bullet where Mr Mustafa did not stop for the government control due to not hearing the warning.

After a surgical operation in hospital the bullet has been taken out from the jaw and throat. the strange thing is that when the hospital announced that he should return to his home and to spend a period of convalescence at home, the security forces has arrested and taken him to an unknown location on charges of failure to implement ordered to stop.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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