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Iranian security brutally tortured an Ahwazi Arab prisoner and refuses to take him hospital

An Ahwaz Arab prisoner in Iranian prisons named as Mr Jabber Sakhrawi subjected to the worst kinds of brutal and violent torture, causing the paralysis and the deterioration of his health while prevented to be transferred for treatment in a hospital outside the Iranian prisons.

Mr Jabber Sakhrawi was arrested in March 2014 at the hands of Iranian intelligence from Ahwaz capital without any court order and its contrary to article 32 of the Iranian Constitution, and by Iranian revolutionary court with judgement of “Sha’bouni” sentenced to 14 years and six months’ prison accusing him of acting against Iranian national security.

At the time of arrest (March 2014), Mr Sakhrawi remained for more than three months in intelligence solitary and intelligence security forces practiced the worst kinds of physical and psychological torture, after his health worsened, he was transferred to Karoon prison in June 17, 2014 where Iranian intelligence claimed that he had suffered a stroke, but Sakhrawi ‘s relatives emphasize that the right side of his body was paralyzed due to brutal torture in the solitary cell of intelligence.

Sakhrawi ‘s relatives highlighted that before his arrest, he was not suffering from any illness, but in the days of his arrest he was paralyzed from the effect of the electric shocking that still signs of electric batons’ torture and burns can be seen on parts of his body.

Currently Mr Sakhrawi is suffering from stomach bleeding since two months ago and his health getting worse day after day amid the deliberate negligence of the authorities and officials of the prison, and he needs treatment in a hospital outside the prison, where Sakhrawi’s family demanded from prison’s official to take their son to hospital out side the prison but attempts by his family were failed and authorities refused their request.

In different context an Ahwazi Arab man named as Chaseb Sari has died due to failure of first aid worker presence on Friday the 13th of May 2016.

Mr Sari 42 of age, married and has five kids living in “Ramadan” district east of Ahwaz capital, while being in the Alghadir stadium in Ahwaz capital, his health been deteriorated, and Ahwazi citizens tried to transfer him to a stadium’s doctor, but the authorities refused to transfer that causing his death later.

The family of the deceased put the complete responsibility of their son’s death to Iranian authorities after a deliberate refusal to help him.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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