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An Ahwazi refugee’s suicide after the expulsion from Greece and deportation to Iran

Mr Hadi Mazreah, 35 years old, living in Farhangshahr (Mothaghafin) district of Ahwaz Capital despite seek asylum to Greece authorities and was forced to returned to Turkey and then Iran, has committed suicide on Sunday 1st of May 2016.

According to sources that quoted to ACHR that Mr Hadi has seek asylum to Greece authority six months ago and due to legal impasse caused by the recent developments in that country,

forcibly returned to Turkey and eventually by the Turkish government’s demand were forced to return to Iran, where he committed suicide (Hanging himself in the house) on Sunday 1st of May 2016.

One of the Hadi’s relative said that “Hadi was the sample in electrical equipment. Before going to Greece he was working in the alternator repair shop. before he moves to Greece sold all his property. when he went back, he went to some companies but were not hiring. ”

Finally, relative said: “Hadi had lost everything and by the Europeans and Greece and Turkey decision, were deported to Iran and by referring to most of local companies, was not recruited and was mentally traumatized and lost his hope for life that committed suicide and died.”

According to another source within Al-Ahwaz quoted to ACHR that Ahwazi Arab young has been deported to Iran from Netherlands where Iranian intelligence services has arrested him and took him to unknown location.

Mr Ziya Sari from Ahwaz capital while he was resting at his home, intelligence service has raided the home and arrested Mr Sari and searched his home entirely in last days of April 2016.

Mr Sari’s family could not get any news from their son so far and requesting the international organizations to put pressure on Iran to reveal their son’s fate.

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