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Mass arrest against the Ahwazi Arab municipality’s workers

Iranian security with help of revolutionary guard forces arrested 24 Ahwazi Arab municipality workers that have been sit- in front of the municipality building in the capital city of Ahwaz, the Monday the 13th June 2016 and took them to an unknown location.

According to the reliable resources that quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that about 70 Ahwazi workers (All of them are Arab), were demonstrated on 12-13 of June 2016 in protest against the non-payment of their salaries and benefits for more than 6 months.

Ahwazi Arab workers despite of demanding their basic rights for getting their due but they were confused and saddened following their arrest order been issued by “Sayed Khalaf Mousawi” mayor of Ahwaz capital with a complaint of “Fakorian” Head of Fourth area from the Municipality of Ahwaz, and were taken to an unidentified location.

“The Ahwazi workers’ fellow has gathered opposite the municipality building demanding of their colleagues’ freedom where up to written of this news the workers are in the security detention since their arrest”, source added.

The ACHR has received following names of the workers that been arrested:

1- Mansour Torfi

2- Taha Afrawi

3- Kazem Afrawi

4- Hassan Haiadreh

5- Hamid Howish Mazrae

6- Kazem Mazrae

7- Mosa Sawari

8- Ali Ahmadi far

9- Adnan Mojaddam

10- Housein Mansouri

11- Naser Dehaimi

12- Ali Bachiyeh

13- Jasem Pour Ahmadi

14- Abdelkarim Thalabi

15- Sayed Adnan Mousawi

16- Abdallah Souleimani

17- Kazem Afri

18- Hassan Mojaddam

19- Jawad Sawari

the ACHR has previously published a report on early October 2015 about disastrous situation of Ahwazi workers where Ahwazi workers in front of two bitter, either not receiving their dues for months or dismiss from their jobs. The Ahwazi workers has become sticking to their work and working conditions were extremely difficult and do not bring their minimum rights and belongings of the workers. Iranian authorities practice all forms of discrimination in employment of Ahwazi workers, especially for women.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights condemns Iranian security mass arrest of Ahwazi workers and calls for freedom of all workers without any condition and calls upon international human rights organisations specially Mr. Ahmed Shaeed to put pressure on Iran to comply with its signed obligations and releases al workers and paying all their dues as each workers is providing life for family of 3-4 person despite of low income.

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