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Iran welcomes Eid Fitr by mass arrests and repression against Ahwazi activists

Iranian intelligence service with support from the security forces and the Basij militia launched an extensive campaign of arrests against enormous Ahwazi activists that participated in volunteer Ahwazi streets’ cleaning prior to Eid Fitr, coordination to set up the Eid prayer or Dressed in or selling Arab clothing in various part of Al-Ahwaz.



The intelligence service raising the alert level former and during Eid Fitr while

Ahwazi Arab people are preparing to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, wearing Arab dress for the celebration to express their gratitude to their brothers in the Arab countries and to express their interest in religious and national occasions, where Iranian authorities attempting to disturb Ahwazi celebrations and events.

Iranian authorities have doubled the raids and arrests preceding to Eid where all arrests have taken place in dawn time and without prior court or police station notice to put pressure on the Ahwazi activists as well as spreading fear and horror among the Al-Ahwaz society.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) sources added that the Iranian security forces during the process of raids and arrests, has tampered with the contents and property of the Ahwazi citizens, sparking a state of terror and panic among the detainees’ families.

ACHR has received following names and photos of detainees from its trusted sources that been arrested by the Iranian security service in different days and transferred to unknown locations.

Arrest that took place on Sunday the 3rd of July 2016:

1)          Hassan Sari (Housain pour) from Khafajiyeh city while selling Arabic dress in Ahwazi market was arrested.

2)        Yaqoub Saleh Alnaser from Fallahiyeh city.

3)        Jaafar Faisal Taei from Khafajiyeh city accused with spreading of Sunni belief.

Arrest on Monday 4th of July 2016:

All detainees are from Althoura district and been arrested after participated in volunteer Ahwazi streets ‘cleaning prior to Eid Fitr that took place on Sunday night the 3rd of July 2016.

1)          Adnan Sari (Bayanat) with age of 38,

2)        Harbi Sari with age of 36,

3)        Ahwazi poet Younes Sarkhi with age of 23,

4)        Mohhamed sari with age of 26,

5)         Ibrahim Safi with age of 32,

6)        Mustafa Obeidawi.

Arrest on Tuesday 5th of July 2016:

All detainees are from Albesetin(Bostan) city been arrested with charge of coordination to set up the Eid Fitr prayer:

1)          Chaseb Sari

2)        Jawad Kazem Sudani

3)        Eissa Mohammed Sudani

4)        Jaafar Mohammed Sudani

5)         Ilaf Sakhrawi

6)        Jawad Sudani

7)         Abod Sakhrawi

8)        Abdolamir Saeidi, married and has three children, working as teacher.

9)        Mustafa Alkathir from Hamidiyeh city.

Following names of detainees that are from Susa(Shush) city arrested on Tuesday 5th of July 2016:

1)          Shojaea Dabat with age of 23,

2)        Abbass Kaabi with age of 25,

3)        Ali Chenani with age of 24,

4)        Mehdi Nawaseri,

5)         Meysam Farajalah Kaab

6)        Hassan Taher Alsabhan with age of 25 from Qoneitareh (Dezful) city

Names of detainees from differentpart of Al-Ahwaz that been arrested on Wednesday 6th 0f July 2016:

1)          Ahmed Ghasem Batrani with age of 19 from Althoura district west of Ahwaz capital.

2)        Taregh Amiri from Kut Abdullah city east of Ahwaz capital.

3)        Kazem Jawad Haidari from Albesetin city,

4)        Rasoul Haidari with age of 30 from Albesetin city.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) strongly condemns the barbaric crackdown and arrests against Ahwazi national movement activists that has had a prominent role in promoting awareness in Al-Ahwaz society and calls for release of All Ahwazi detainees without unconditionally. The ACHR calls also to Mr. Ahmed Shaheed the UN special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran and UN religion and belief committee to put pressure on Iran to release all prisoners such as political, religious and cultural activists.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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