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Unknown fate of Ahwazi prisoners kidnapped by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and intelligence service

The Iranian authorities is not revealing the place of detention and the health condition of the Ahwazi prisoners since their arrest that was a few months ago, where the families of prisoners calls upon all human rights organizations to intervene for the detection of the unknown fate of their children.

Mr. Karim Echresh son of Jalil, Married, has three children and English language graduate been arrested for second time recently where there is no news about him since his arrest.

Mr. Echresh is well known among Ahwazi educated level where he was opposing

the sale of the agricultural land to non-Arab investors from Tehran and Isfahan in the Karun area as well as changing of the village names from historical Arab names to Persian name like “Om temir” to “Shahrak Omid”. Mr. Karim deprived from any government work due to his political and cultural activities.

Iranian intelligence agents arrested four Ahwazi citizens in Khafajiyeh City on charges of belonging to the Sunnis belief on Tuesday, July 5 and their names as follows:

1) Abas Haidari son of Chaseb with age 23 from Abozar district,

2) Hossein Cheldawi son of Ali with age of 26 from Abozar district,

3) Jaafer Taei with age 24 from Kkhazeliyeh district,

4) Adnan Mazreah with age of 29 from Jahad district,

5) Naser Cheldawi son of Saeed from “Althoura” district,

6) Basem Saeidi son of Farhod from Hamidiyeh city arrested on Wednesday 20th of July.

In similar context the Iranian intelligence service has arrested other two Ahwazi young from “Althoura” district of Ahwaz capital and took them to unknown place on Friday the 12th of August 2016.

The reliable sources have identified the named of detainees and they are as follows:

1) Walid Obeidawi with age of 24,

2) Jasem Batrani with age of 22.

It is worth to mention that Mr. Jasem Batrani is a brother of martyr Ali Batrani that he died in Ahwazi intifada in 2005.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights strongly condemns the collective and arbitrary arrest against Ahwazi youth in an attempt to terrorize the Ahwazi Arab people and calls for the release of All Ahwazi prisoners without condition.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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