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The wave of arbitrary and random arrest in various part of Al-Ahwaz

Brutal and barbaric arrest carried out by the criminality forces of Iran in the city of

Quneitra (Dezful in Farsi) and its surrounding, especially in the Hamza town on Monday the 22nd of August 2016 that arrest include 16 Ahwazi intellectuals, civilian and academics activists.


The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has received following names:

1)        Dr. Ashour son of Hussein al-Khazraji with age of 38,

2)        Karim Saeidi,

3)        Jamil Sari,

4)        Hamid Sari,

5)        Ali Kenani,

6)        Ghasem Kenani,

7)        Kamal Sari,

8)        Sa’ad Obeidawi,

9)        Ahmad Haidari,

10)  Mokhtar Silawi,

11)  Mohammed Sari,

12)  Jasem Gharbawi,

13)  Ghasem Gharbawi,

14)  Fazel Obeidawi,

15)  Sayed Rahim Mousavi,

16)  Poet Saeed Haidari.

The sources quoted that the number of arrested Ahwazi Arab young are more and they found the following names where the centre receive the remaining names at any times.

The arrested young were accused by Iranian intelligence service for being active and their views on social media as well as write insulting words on the Iranian currency notes.

On the other hand sources within Al-Ahwaz confirmed the arrest of two Ahwazi young in the cities of Ahwaz capital Hamidiyeh, as Intelligence service arrested Younis Abayat, aged 17 years, after raiding his house in the city of Hamidiyeh west of the Ahwaz capital on August 18 2016 and took him to an unknown place and in parallel the Intelligence service arrested another Ahwazi young Saddam Abayat, aged 28 years from the “Althoura” neighbourhood west of the Ahwaz capital on the same day and took him to an unknown location.

There is no news from the arrested Ahwazi young so far where the Intelligence service did not express any comment regards their arrest’s charges or where their about.

In the similar context the Iranian intelligence service has arrested three Ahwazi youth from Ahwaz capital on Tuesday the 30th of August 2016 and took them to unknown location.

Sources identified following names:

1)        Hadi Sawari,

2)        Reza Sawari,

3)        Ali Abo Waleed.

On the next day that is Wednesday the 31st of August 2016, the security service raided the “Althoura” neighbourhood west of the Ahwaz capital and arrested many Ahwazi activists where their fate is still unknown.

Reliable source quoted following names:

1)        Abdurrahman Gharbawi,

2)        Jasem Koroshawi,

3)        Abdurrahman Mousawi.

The Iranian Intelligence practiced mass arrests against Ahwazi young people in order to put terror and fear between them and dissuade them from continuing stating their voices that authorities try to silent them.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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