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Arresting a mother in a try to silence her son in Al-Ahwaz

While the Iranian dreadful and horrifying’s human right record is alarming about the crimes

that perpetrated against non-Persian nations and there is no rigorous response from international community, the Iranian regime officials are committing heinous crimes and continuing violation of human rights thereby flouting all international charters and conventions.


The Iranian criminal regime does not differentiate between children and the elderly people for committing its crimes where the Iranian security forces has arrested an Ahwazi citizen Mrs Basneh Dabat on Tuesday the 6th of September 2016.

Mrs Dabat with age of 59 from Susa city and mother of Mr. Ahmad Dabat that been arrested on 2012 and sentenced to 20 imprisonments and exiled to Iranian Yazd city as well as Mr. Mohammad Dabat that been seek asylum to Denmark recently, escaping from Iranian oppression and persecution against Ahwazi Arab and conducting “Political Cafe” program explaining the Iranian crimes committed against Ahwazi Arab people.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has contacted Mohammad in this regard and Mr. Mohammad stated” The Iranian intelligence tampered our home and confiscated personal documents belonging to our agricultural land located on the outskirts of the Susa city. The masked officers stormed our home on Tuesday night (about 10 PM Ahwaz time) and arrested my mother without prior notice.”

There is no news about Mrs Dabat up to written of this report and the security forces warned Mrs Dabat’s husband from chasing his wife case through security service department.

This is not the first time that the regime’s official uses pressure on the families of Ahwazi activists in exile but repeated such cases where Mr. Hassan Maramazi with age of 60 been arrested on 17 June 2015 and been subjected to severe torture at the hand of security service, also Mr. Tofigh Bawi with age of 56 on the 22nd of August 2015, where the Iranian regime shows no mercy even with Ahwazi children in such way the officials arrested Mr. Hamzeh Asakereh from Ma’ashour city with age of 16 more than a year ago and there is no news about Hamzeh up to moment despite wide Ahwazi activist campaign demanding Iranian authorities to reveal info regards Mr. Hamzeh whereabouts and also another Ahwazi young that wishes not to be named with age 15 been arrested and after one month of torture and held in solitary confinement, lost his vision and now he is finding difficulty in his mobility.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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