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Ahwazi farmers protest against their land grabbing by Iranian regime

Large number of Ahwazi Arab farmers protested in front of the headquarters of the sugar

cane refinery firm, the Amir Kabir Company, between the Ahwaz capital and Mohammareh, to show their objection against its illegitimate confiscation of over 1,000 hectares of their agricultural land on Friday the 25th August 2016.


The Ahwazi Arab farmers from villages of Al-Shemria and Tel-Alaswad, presented papers verifying their proprietorship of the land that was seized by the government company for sugar-cane farming with no warning, legal rationalization.

Despite of the peaceful demonstration of Ahwazi Arab farmers against their land confiscation but the Iranian police has clashed with protestors and threatened the demonstrators with arrest if they failed to leave the area around the entrance to the headquarters building.

The farmers have been forced to leave the venue without any answer about their stolen land.

While the Ahwazi Arab formers land’s confiscations continue, the Iranian authorities speeding up Ahwazi homes demolition in various part of Al-Ahwaz such as Mash’ali, Al-za’faranyeh, Khobeyneh, Sayahi and Kot Abdullah district in Ahwaz capital. Ahwazi poor people that laboriously built and in one incident an Ahwazi youth named as Morteza Soeidi has been killed in 2013.

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