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mysterious fate of arrested mother

the Iranian intelligence service has arrested Mrs. Basneh Dabat on Tuesday the 6th of

September 2016 and since the arrest, the family has no news about Mrs. Dabat with age of 59 that raises concerns of being tortured by intelligence service.


Despite the uncertainty of the Mrs Dabat whereabouts the intelligence service has confiscated the Mrs dabat’s shop (picture) without mentioning any reason for the confiscation. According to information received from reliable source that security forces have confiscated all the ownership’s document at the time of arresting Mrs. Dabat.

After follow-up from Mrs Dabat’s husband to the intelligence centers, intelligence agents told the husband that he has no right to question about the fate of his wife threatened of more arbitrarily procedures to be taken against him, including the confiscation of all his property, that located in the city of Susa (Shush).

Mrs. Basneh’s sons who are in the Kingdom of Denmark, demanded from all human rights organizations to intervene rapidly to put pressure on the Iranian authorities to reveal information about their mother’s fate.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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