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Iranian courts issued collective unfair sentences against Ahwazi Arab activists

According to reliable sources quoted that Iranian courts has issued sentences of two years’ imprisonment on two Ahwazi activists on charges of political activity that running against Iranian state on late June 2016.

Judge “Sarkhi” issued an unjust judgment on Ahwazi activists named as Milad Dabat and Mohammed Dabat during a farcical trial where the activists were not allowed to defend themselves through legal representative. After the trial the activists immediately were taken to the “Fajr” prison in the city of “Qoneitareh” north of Ahwaz capital.

In a similar context appeal Court in Ahwaz capital issued unfair rulings against Mr. Jabber Sakhrawi and Mehdi Khani Pour to a collective imprisonment of 17 years and a half and 9 others are waiting for the decision by the same court on Monday the 22nd of August 2016.

Mr. Jabber Sakhrawi, aged 30, a computer science graduate, resident from Ahwaz city was arrested on March 26, 2014 due to his religious tendency to Sunni-Faith and his religious activism suffers from a brain tumor and due to the severe inhuman torture Mr. Jabber Sakhrawi’s legs have completely became paralysis and his eyesight declined sharply making him see blurry.

In another context, the Iranian courts sentenced the Ahwazi poet Jihad Asakereh from Falahieyh city southwest of the Ahwaz capital to two years’ imprisonment on Tuesday the 23rd of August 2016.

The poet had been arrested with a group of activists and poets in the January 18th 2014 at the hands of the Iranian intelligence on charges of saying national and revolutionary poems incite against the Iranian state during the funeral, which was held for the Ahwazi famous poet Fadel Alsakrani.

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