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An unjust sentence against Ahwazi preachers and more arrest in Muharram

Iranian intelligence services continuing arrest of Ahwazi youth in Jarrahi region that is belong to Ma’ashour city, in which they have stormed Ahwazi Arab activists in early morning of Thursday the 29th of September 2016.

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) did not receive any information about the charges that been made against Ahwazi Arab activists where their arrest comes without prior notice and taken to undisclosed location by intelligence service.

The ACHR has acknowledged the following names:

1)         Amir Moghadam Sheybani son of Faisal with 32 of age and married,

2)         Mousa Boraihi, son of Jalil,

3)         Salman Moghadam Sheybani, son of Hassan,

4)         Mehdi Moghadam Sheybani, son of Boridi,

5)         Ali Alboghebeish, son of Awad,

6)         Ali Moghadam Sheybani, son of Aziz,

7)         Hani Moghadam, son of Reza,

According to the report, Iranian intelligence and security forces are still looking for some Ahwazi young people to arrest them.

Its worth to mention that ma’ashour region has saw many explosive activities where Iranian authorities has confessed that the explosion was the result of the petrochemical mechanical failure.

The ACHR raises its warning and concerns to International human rights organization about false charges will made against Ahwazi activist under heinous torture by intelligence service.

In similar context, an unjust sentence issued against two Ahwaz Sunnis preachers after refusing to retreat from their call and return to the doctrine of Iran’s official state.

The sources added that the rule issued by the Revolutionary Court in Ahwaz capital to extend the period of prison against preacher Abdul Hakim Khazraji with aged of 26 and his colleague Mehdi al-Haidari son of Lafteh with aged of 32, for another year, after refusing to sign a written pledge to give up from da’wa and getting back to the Velayat Faghih doctrine.

It should be noted that the Abdul Hakim Khazraji and Mehdi Haidari had been arrested in September 2015 by the intelligence service and after months of torture and abuse in intelligence cells were sentenced by Judge “Shamuni” for one-year imprisonment and transferred to a Sheyban prison in northern of Ahwaz capital.

According to reliable source from Ahwaz capital stated to ACHR that an Ahwazi prisoner that been sentenced to lifetime imprisonment and fled to turkey, has been returned to Iran.

Abdulimam Zaeri son of Mahmud that been arrested in 2005 with charges of “Muharebeh” and “against Iran National security) and first sentenced to death and then reduced to lifetime imprisonment, been released on bail with amount of (3 billion Iranian Rials) a few day ago of writing of this report (about two weeks ago) and fled Iran to Turkey to save his life, but due to pressure from intelligence service on guarantee people, and by force of his brother with the danger of Iranian authorities, returned to Ahwaz forcibly.

Mr. Zaeri is suffering from chronic diseases due to the torture faced by intelligence service agent and the prison official does not provide the necessary treatment for most of Ahwazi prisoners as they humiliate them continuously.

Mr. Zaeri been told by intelligence service that if he escapes the country, the Iranian official will return the death penalty against him where since his return up to now there is no news about him as one of his relative stated.

The Iranian intelligence service has arrest number of other Ahwazi activists in different part of Ahwaz capital. The ACHR has received following names:

1)         Waid Zergani,

2)         Naji Makhiuri,

Mr. Naji Makhiuri was in prison for five years with charges of his Sunni belief and about a year that been discharged from prison.

Mr. Makhiuri is resident of Althoura district of Ahwazi capital, Maried and has boy and while teaching Arabic language was arrested on Sunday 25th of September 2016.

Mr. Makhiuri has made only one phone call to his family since his arrest and told his family that he will be in prison for long time. Family of Mr. Makhiuri did not know the place of detention so far.

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