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Iran continues the confiscation of Ahwazi agricultural lands

Iranian regime authorities confiscated an extensive hectares of agricultural land

in the south of Al-Ahwaz forcibly under the pretext of attaching to the project «Pars economic zone» after its owners refused to sell them to the management of the project.


According to reliable sources quoted to the centre that the Ahwazi owners of agricultural land in the cities and towns of Asalu, Nuaimiya and Canaan port had received a governmental correspondence stating the revoke of their ownership of their land, as well as invalidate all associated document with the buying and selling of these lands.

The same sources reported that the Iranian authorities in order to avoid clashes with the people of the related cities and towns, have decided to start the land confiscation project in accordance with the different time stages, while Ahwazi activists have warned that such a step is considered a prelude to seize all the agricultural land in the mentioned areas.

In the similar context, the Iranian security authorities confiscated large areas of farming land (picture) that are located in the Kut Abdullah in recent days.

The source stated that the Iranian security forces with the support of intelligence service has seized the Ahwazi farming land on the eastern side of the Karun River on the last week of October 2016.

The sources added that if the farmers refused to give their land, they will be expelled by force and even the use of live bullets against them, where an Ahwazi child named as Morteza Soweidi aged 13, shot dead by Iranian officer named as “Chaboksavar” in 2013.

The sources pointed out that the land was cultivated by different types of vegetables (basil, mint, radishes …) since long time.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has received a movie showing the Iranian oil company heading with their vehicles in try to confiscating the Ahwazi Arab farming land in Albesatin (Bostan Iranian name) where they find by the Ahwazi land owner preventing them from the confiscating his land.

to watch the movie please click HERE

The Iranian regime authorities rely on multiple methods to seize Ahwazi Arab Lands in order to change the demographics of Al-Ahwaz in favour of settlers by confiscation of agricultural land, Cancelling Arab ownership documents and the establishment of an economic nature projects.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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