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More than 30 thousand Ahwazi apprentice were prevented to enter preschool stage due to financial ignorance

According to the state-pro media, Ardeshir Shojaee the deputy director of Elementary Education stated that 30 thousands and 100 of Ahwazi apprentice could not enter preschool stage due to Iranian state carelessness and negligence in assigning appropriate financial investment.

During the meeting that been held in the Ahwazi governor, Mr. Shojaee said that in order to cover the financial cost of the 30 thousand of Ahwazi apprentice, we require an amount totalled to 150 billion Iranian Rials (4698000.00 in USA dollars) for current year.

The deputy director continued about the lack of educational needs in Al-Ahwaz and said that the deprivation index has been identified for most of the Ahwaz region and based on that factor, Iranian state will receive fees from the apprentice’s families. The deprivation index for Ahwaz region is 9 where that indicates the region is in a severe poverty and state do not charges any fee from the families due to poverty and the state does not assign any educational finance for Ahwazi student.

There are large number of Ahwazi apprentice who are prevented from studying in their mother tongue (Arabic Language) in all stage of the Iranian educational system as well as lack of space and facilities for them and some classes are held in mosques and religious site.

Iranian authorities have announced that some of nine thousand and six hundred from Ahwazi apprentice could not enter the preschool last year due to severe poverty and lack of financial assigned budget.

In the similar context related to Ahwazi schools, Director General of nomadic schools said “the two-thirds of Ahwazi nomadic schools are non-standard and if an earthquake occurs, a human tragedy will happen due to old and nonstandard buildings of the schools.

Mr. Hamid Ghanbari added that nomadic school’s health services are in painful situation and 50 percent of nomadic schools lacked health service.

Despite that most of the Ahwazi nomad student are unable to pay fees towards their books but Lack of facilities and teaching space and a shortage of funds for student transportation is a serious challenge for nomad’s students.

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