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Different cities of Al-Ahwaz witnessing barbaric and random arrests carried out by Iranian occupation regime

Iranian Security service carried out random arrests of many young people in the city of Al-Khafajieh city, west of Ahwaz.

The reliable sources quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that Iranian Security service raided a number of Ahwazi Arab citizen homes in Al-Khafajieh city and arrested seven Ahwazi Arab young and took them to an unknown location on early hours (1 AM) of Tuesday the 6th of December 2016.

The sources said that Iranian Security service arrested Alaa Maramazi and Hatam Maramazi son of Jawad. Alaa 20 and Hatam 22 years old, were beaten in front of their parents then their father tried to intervene but they beat him too and was taken to Khafajieh city’s Hospital.

The source added that other detanees were named as Tareq Mogheinami, Ahmed Mogheinami, Hani Mogheinami, Abbas Mogheinami and the last detanee’s name was Abo Salim Zergani were arrested in same date at the Hatam ‘s home. The source could not identify more details of detainees such as age, marital status and their job but by looking at their received photos by ACHR they are lookalike between 15-20 of their age.

It’s worth to note that Iranian Security intelligence carried out random arrests without a warrant in order to sow fear among Ahwazi Arab people. Since the arrest, all the detainees has contacted their families except Mr. Hatam and Abo Salim, their families were unable to get in touch with their beloved sons.

United Nation in the last report condemned Iranian government for violating non-Persian people’s human rights by the Iranian authorities, UN demanded Iran to stop violating human rights.

Protest against projects on transporting Karun water

Two reporters and environmental activists have been arrested in protests in Mohammareh (Khorramshahr) against the projects on diverting Karun water to the Iranian cities such as Isfahan and Kerman.

Human Rights organisations reported that Ms Rahil Mousavi, Ahwazi Photographer and journalist and Ms Roghayeh Jafary environmental activist have been arrested on Thursday 9th December 2016 by the Iranian security forces at Mohammareh (Khorramshahr) protest against the projects on transporting Karun water to Isfahan and Kerman. There is no news about their whereabouts or what is going to happen to them.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights reported that the arrests following the protest in Ahwaz and Mohammareh (Khorramshahr) against the confidential projects on transferring Karun water to Isfahan and Kerman. Civil protests intensified publicly around Al-Ahwaz cities.

According to the report “following the illegal and discriminatory action from Rouhani’s government (Iranian President), on Thursday 9th of December a number of cultural and social and political activists from Mohammareh (Khorramshahr) gathered in rally near the old bridge of the city along with other people of the city to protest against Iranian government’s illegal, malicious and discriminatory actions”.

Iranian government is determined to move in with this project to transporting Karun water to Isfahan and Kerman.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights in a statement mentioned “In the protest, number of Iranian Security Forces by using of force took Ms Mousavi’s camera, that led to damaged her right hand. The Iranian Security Forces, forcibly took Ms Mousavi into their car and still there is no news about her place of arrest”.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights also added: “Ms. Roghayeh Jafary despite all the threats of the Governor and other State officials and security forces, Ms Jafary went with others to protest and raised placards against the Rouhani ‘s Government’s letter which led to her arrest and Iranian Security Forces made a security case against her.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights also condemned the arbitrary arrests and suppressing protests against Ahwaz Arab women activists. The Centre demanding Iranian government to immediately release Ms Mousavi and Ms Jafary.

In similar context, mass forces of the Revolutionary Guards escorted by police forces and the Basij militia raided Al-Nassr neighbourhood in the city of “Kut Abdullah” east of the Ahwaz capital on Friday, December 23 being arrested Ahwazi citizens and took them to unknown locations.

The ACHR sources has identified following names:

1)    Ahwazi Poet Mr. Sayed Milad Mousawi,

2)    Mr. Mohsen Amouri son of Lafteh with age of 31,

3)    Mr. Sayed Amin Mousawi son of Sayed Lafteh with age of 24,

4)    Hassan Albogebayesh son of Hamid with age of 25.

The Ahwazi activists in the city of “Kut Abdullah” handed out a leaflet across social networking calling to attend the festive ceremony held on the occasion of naming the neighborhood ” Al-Nassr” by Ahwazi citizens instead of the Persian name chosen under the title “Khazami”.

The activists announced in their handed leaflet for the presence of a number of Ahwazi poets to commemorate the ceremony, which prevented by occupying forces later. After the banning, Ahwazi citizens protested where the officers in the Revolutionary Guards, said that the celebration were unauthorized and violates the Constitution!

In a related context Iranian security forces arrested Mr. “Jassim Mashaali” from Alkhafajiyeh city under the pretext of selling Arab clothes carrying the Ahwaz national flag engraved buttons. the security elements forced Jassim Mashaali on writing pledged not to sell the Arab clothes and need to adhere to the Constitution of the State of the Iranian regime.

In the parallel context the Iranian intelligence apparatus, has arrested, brothers “Riad” and “Hassan” son of Jassim Batrani in the neighborhood of the “Althoura” in the capital of Ahwaz and taken to an unknown location on Sunday, December 25 2016. It is noteworthy that the two brothers Riad and Hassan Batrani had been detained several times before by the occupation forces.

The Iranian force of security and Basij militia has raided different districts such as “Alghazaleh” district of the city of Ma’ashour southern city of Ahwaz capital during the past few days and arrested dozens of Ahwazi Arab citizens on Sunday the 25th of December 2016 which met with popular outrage and condemnation.

The ACHR sources has identified the following names:

1)    Fazel Zoubaidi son of Abed,

2)    Majid Salihawi,

3)    Talib Asakereh son of Jaber with age of 21,

4)    Majed Rashidi son of Naji,

5)    Azim Asakereh son of Jabber with age of 27,

6)    Mohammed Sharifat son of Wadi,

7)    Amin Asakereh son of Jaber with age of 30.

In a related context reliable sources have quoted to ACHR four names of Ahwazi Arab citizens were arrested a few days ago by the Iranian occupation authorities in the city of Ma’ashour and their names as follows:

1)    Omid Obadi,

2)    Azim Othmani,

3)    Mohammed Bani Rashid,

4)    Omid Othmani.

The increased raids and arrests campaigns in all parts of Al-Ahwaz during the current year of 2016, proves that the occupation authorities no matter what its officials have changed, their racist practices remain toward the Arab people of Al-Ahwaz, which is exposed in recent years to the forced displacement as a result of the Iranian occupation policies.

An Ahwazi child named as Hamed Khanferi has died as result of the Iranian security forces attacked a gathering of mourners at a funeral in “Altabough” district northwest of the Abadan city on Friday the 23rd of December 2016.

The attack has taken place after the security forces has prevented the mourners that are coming from Falahieyh city that led to clash between mourners and forces has fired live bullets led to death of Ahwazi innocent child.

In the Separate context, an Ahwazi young named as Hussein Naseri son of Ali aged 22, shot dead by Iranian occupation forces during an armed clash that also resulted in the deaths of an element of occupation forces on Monday the 19th of December 2016.

Martyr Hussein was with his other three friends when they reached to the stop for a security barrier installed by the occupation forces on the international road between the Ahwaz capital and Ma’ashour City. At the begging the Ahwazi young were unaware about the police barrier that led them not to stopping at the point where the forces opened live bullet to their car and killed one of the Ahwazi young.

It should be noted that the Iranian occupation forces began using excessive violence against Ahwazi more and wider than ever before in an attempt to subdue the Ahwazi under the shameful silence of international institutions concerned with the defence of human rights that consider these crimes as killing deliberately.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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