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Ahwazi children and their disastrous circumstances under Iranian occupation

According to the reliable source within the «Susa City» north of the capital of Ahwaz, an Ahwazi

Arab child «Abbas Badawi» twelve year-old residents of «Alkhoways» village of the city of Susa, committed suicide on evening (Al-Ahwaz local time 8 PM) of Friday the 30th 0f December 2016 due the pressure, humiliation and beatings he received at the hands of the Persian’s teacher Sports «Mr. Hadi Abassi» in Susa’s primary school.

The source added, that the student hanged himself at home after a day of teacher assaulted him, and after passing minutes from committing suicide, his father realized the plan and cut the rope and carried him to the hospital, but the Ahwazi child died on morning of Saturday the 31st of December 2016.

The source confirmed that the child had revealed his suffering from pressure and insults and beatings he received from the Persian teacher to his parents, and based on that fact the family scheduled to provide complaint against a teacher at the Department of Education in the capital of Ahwaz, in protest against the inhumane actions carried out by the teacher against their son.

Despite the complaint against Persian teacher being submitted to police station by the victims’ dad,

but everyone was surprised by the release of the teacher without being interrogated, which enraged the citizens in the city of Susa.

Although the Iranian Ministry of Education in their written constitution prevents teachers from using physical and verbal punishment against students regardless of the type and size of the offense committed in all age and grade levels, but practically the Persians teachers always using discriminate verbal and physical punishment against Arab students in the occupied region of Al-Ahwaz (South Ilam, Khuzestan, Bushehr and Hormozgan).

In this context, Raghad Sari son of Abbas with age of three, while she was with her parents that are Mr. Abbas sari with age of 41 and Mrs Zohur sari, died in Ahwazi “Ayatolah Karami” hospital instantly after Iranian security forces opened fire on the vehicle of her parents’ car on Monday evening the 24th of October 2016.

The incident taken place in such way that the Raghad’s parents were in the car with her heading back to home, where the police officer where hiding near to the Ahwaz capital-Mohammareh junction and by getting the Raghad’s parents car closer, the security forces jumped in the middle with gun trying to stop the car and Raghad’s dad by the fear of that men are trying to mugging his car, accelerate speedy that led to shoot his car by live bullet that cause the death of Ahwazi child Raghad and severely injured Mum.

An Ahwazi child named as Hamed Khanferi has died as result of the Iranian security forces attacked a gathering of mourners at a funeral in “Altabough” district northwest of the Abadan city on Friday the 23rd of December 2016.

The attack has taken place after the security forces has prevented the mourners that are coming from Falahieyh city, that led to clash between mourners and forces has fired live bullets led to death of Ahwazi innocent child.

Ali Tamimi another Ahwazi child who left the school due to language barrier and cause of poverty and hard life, went on selling car’s petrol in the Ahwazi main street, and in the high temperature of Ahwaz capital, one of the petrol bottle (usually two or five litters) explode and burnt his face, neck and some of his shoulders.

Most of the Ahwazi children are leaving the school due to language barrier where the statistic showed that 30% of Ahwazi student in primary school and 50% in secondary school and 70% in the university level are leaving school.

In a contact from Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) with family from Susa city regarding the school situation in the city, the member of family who wished to be anonymous, said that the Ahwazi Arab children due to new scheme of education in Iran, they have to go to nursery in age of four and the family has to pay 700 thousand Iranian Rials for the nursery entrance and one million and eight thousand Rials for the primary school entrance and many family are struggling in affording the mentioned amount.

A member continued that school officials during the school’s terms are asking the families to make compulsory donations for (school’s refurbishments or religious events or school short trip) and those families that cannot pay the fees in once, the official will make for them in instalment!!!

Ahwazi human rights activist within Al-Ahwaz has warned that Iranian educational sector is teaching the Iranian history such as (Shahnameh, Yalda, Rostam and Sohrab) to the Ahwazi Arab pupils that contradicted with international norms and standards.

In another contact of ACHR with Ahwazi family from “Althoura” district, member of family(dad) stating that his daughter in the primary school and by coincidence, one of the teacher’s mobile been missed and instantly the teacher called for police and despite of sowing fear and horror and crying among student, finally the mobile was found with principal’s daughter!

ACHR has contacted the Ahwazi Arab teacher based in London, that is Mr. Kerim Dehaimi and asked him about the incident that taken place in Al-Ahwaz, said “These inhumane practices against Arab students in Ahwaz are systematic, where the teachers are not punished by the Iranian judiciary system, in spite of the ministry to prevent physical and verbal punishment for students, but they are continuing to engage in violence against Arab students.”

Mr. Dehaimi added “These practices have caused psychological stress among Arab students, and helped significantly to students drop out of school, causing widespread poverty and ignorance in the region.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights


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