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An Ahwazi Arab prisoner on hunger strike in Evin prison

An Ahwazi Arab prisoner is on hunger strike in Tehran’s prison Evin after a quarrel that happened between him and prison guards on 03-June-2015.

Reliable source close to prisoner family quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Right (ACHR) that Mr Rasoul Hardani has quarrel with prison guards after he find there is ignorance to his health and case where prisoner decide to be on hunger strike until there is supervision on his health and case.


Despite of Mr Hardani is sick and there is evidence that confirms he suffers from “MS” illness but the Iranian authorities refrains to his release for false reasons.

It worth to mention that Rasoul Hardani and his brother Khalid had been arrested 15 years ago with accusation of aeroplane hijack and after a year of arrest, Rasoul was released on conditional bail and in 2009 returned to prison where there were mass demonstration throughout Iran after presidential election.

In similar context, the Iranian prison guards prevented political prisoners of Hall 12 in Evin prison from sunshine on 04-June-2015.

While the white torture such as install carcinogen noise devices and inhumane prisoner ‘s children search applies by the prison authorities’ order, the political prisoners in Hall 12 been prevented from sunshine where it increases the stress among prisoners.

The majority of prisoners are suffering from trouble in breathing, headache and nausea where numbers of them are in emergency situation due to installation of carcinogen noise devices but prison officials saying that the Ministry of Information ordered the installation of these devices.

Ahwazi Centre for Human Right


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