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Iranian security forces arrested the father of the executive director of Ahwazi Center for Human Rights

Iranian security forces raided the house of the father of the Ahwazi Center for Human Rights’ executive director, Mr. Hassan Maramazi, and took him to an unknown location.


One of the members of the detainee’s family has confirmed that the Iranian security forces a day before the starts of holy month of Ramadan, has arrested Mr. Hassan Maramazi on 17-06-2015, which exceeded the sixth decade of his age, a few days after his return from Kuwait without giving any reasons, and without revealing his whereabouts so far, which is clear violation of the most basic human rights principles.


The prisoner Hassan Maramazi suffering from prostate disease, a member of his family added, and the Iranian intelligence forces has prevented him from carrying his medication with him during his detention, and without any doubt the Intelligence service actually has a deliberate intention to torture and put pressure on him.

It is noteworthy that the prisoner Hassan Maramazi is the father of Faisal Maramazi, executive director of Ahwazi Center for Human Rights, and the Nabyeh Maramazi, member of the Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front.

This was not the first time that Persian security forces arresting Hassan Maramazi, where he was arrested in prior periods, and intelligence asked him to put pressure on his children to stop their activities and their actions, especially at the level of international organizations and human rights councils.

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