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Iranian regime intentions of executing Ahwazis in the military parade attack anniversary

Iranian regime intentions of executing Ahwazis in the military parade attack anniversary According to Ahwazi human rights activists in Ahwaz region quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights, that the Iranian criminal regime are intending to execute large number of ...

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A story about the tragedy that hit Ahwazi people by deliberate water dam opening

Many peoples in this world suffer from the unexpected criminal actions by cruel government’s, which they are well known by their racism for different social classes and groups in the country,  I will tell this sad story about one of ...

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Ramez city’s surrounding villages are suffering from water scarcity

Large number of Ahwazi Ramez (Ramhormoz Persian name) city’s villages are suffering from shortage of drinking and daily use water for several months without any real move been taken by Iranian occupation regime to help affected people. Villages such as ...

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Iranian regime intensifies its extrajudicial killing against Ahwazis by using live bullets

Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has received large number of reports from Ahwazi activists within Al-Ahwaz that illustrate the raise of Iranian extrajudicial killing against Ahwazi people specially young in recent days of writing this report. As the tension escalate ...

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Letter from Ahwazi Centre For Human Rights to the Director-General of UNESCO

The Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights has sent a letter to the UNESCO regarding to the recent Persian language test conducted by Iranian department of Education that is as follows: To: Audrey Azoulay       the Director-General of UNESCO Re: Persian ...

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Execution of Two Ahwazi Arabs in Dezful Prison

By Hossein Bouazar This morning on the 4th of August 2019, Ghassem Abdullah and Abdullah Karmollah Chab two Ahwazi citizens from Sus city (shush) who were sentenced to death, then executed by the Iranian regime. They were sentenced by the ...

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