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Iranian security forces launch campaign of mass arrests in different part of Al-Ahwaz

According to reliable sources quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that a large number of forces belonging to the Iranian intelligence services raided different districts of Al-Ahwaz and arrested number of Ahwazi activists and transferred them to an ...

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More than 30 thousand Ahwazi apprentice were prevented to enter preschool stage due to financial ignorance

According to the state-pro media, Ardeshir Shojaee the deputy director of Elementary Education stated that 30 thousands and 100 of Ahwazi apprentice could not enter preschool stage due to Iranian state carelessness and negligence in assigning appropriate financial investment. During ...

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Iran continues the confiscation of Ahwazi agricultural lands

Iranian regime authorities confiscated an extensive hectares of agricultural land in the south of Al-Ahwaz forcibly under the pretext of attaching to the project «Pars economic zone» after its owners refused to sell them to the management of the project. ...

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