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An Ahwazi Arab child kidnapped with his father by Iranian intelligence

According to Ahwazi activists within Al-Ahwaz quoted to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that Iranian intelligence service has raided Mr. Najee Kaabi’s house and arrested his son Mr. Rasool Kaabi with age of 17 on Wednesday the 15th of ...

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Death sentences and life imprisonment against Ahwazi Arab activists

According to the Iranian judiciary spokesman “Gholam Hussein Ejehee” that the death sentence issued against three Ahwazi Arab prisoners by the Supreme Court in Tehran on Saturday the 18th of June 2016. The spokesman during interview with local media called ...

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Ahwazi pipe factory workers encounter with double racial racism

Working in very harsh conditions like high temperatures that up to fifty degrees Celsius or often exceeds and the long time work which comes with low and a significant reduction in the wages and salaries they receive, shows that there ...

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Death, wounding and arrests against three Ahwazi young

Sources of the Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights(ACHR) has informed the news of death of the Ahwazi young man named as Mr. Hossam Kaabi (Dabat) on Friday, July 8 2016 at the Ahwaz capital’s hospital after being shot by security ...

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Iran welcomes Eid Fitr by mass arrests and repression against Ahwazi activists

Iranian intelligence service with support from the security forces and the Basij militia launched an extensive campaign of arrests against enormous Ahwazi activists that participated in volunteer Ahwazi streets’ cleaning prior to Eid Fitr, coordination to set up the Eid ...

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