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Iran is waging war on Ahwazi demographic changes through home demolition

Iranian municipality Bulldozers backed by revolutionary Guard and Basij stormed Masha’li neighbourhood, southeast of the capital of Ahwaz on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 where they worked on the demolition of a number of Ahwazi Arabs’ houses, that led to displacement ...

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Al-Ahwaz: Iran intensifies its arrest against Ahwazi Arabs by building new prisons

The Iranian security forces has stormed Ahwazi Arab homes in “Khalaf Moslem” village in Susa city and arrested six men and took them to unknown place on Saturday 20th of February 2016. According to reliable sources, Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights ...

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Children death by catastrophic air pollution in Al-Ahwaz

Al-Ahwaz’s cities and villages has faced severe air pollution that exceed 66 time the standards level according to the local Iranian media (ISNA newspaper) that caused thousands of Ahwazi Arab people to enter hospitals in various place of Ahwaz on ...

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reports received by Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) from Ahwazi human rights activist within Al-Ahwaz

According to reports received by Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) from Ahwazi human rights activist within Al-Ahwaz, an Ahwazi Arab prisoners named Majed Alboghebish been severely tortured by prison security guards that led to broken his two hands on ...

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Ahwazi child death and arrests carried out by Iranian intelligence service

According to reliable sources within Al-Ahwaz quoted that Iranian intelligence service has killed an Ahwazi youth and arrested large number of Ahwazi men and took them to unknown place. Sources confirmed that the security forces has raided a wedding celebration ...

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Ahwazi prisoners’ extortion versus the implementation of their most basic rights

The Iranian authorities official in Karoon prison in Ahwaz capital continuing to extort Ahwazi Arab prisoners who remain in its jails versus implementing the most basic prisoner rights recognized legitimately and legally. According to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights sources ...

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