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“Forced into unbeing” conference in London to uncover mass graves perpetrated by the current Iranian regime


By participation of large number of humanitarian organizations involved in Iran's affairs and to uncover the

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More oppressive, unfairly verdict issuance and arrests against Ahwazi Arab youth


Informed sources reported to Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) that the Iranian court has issued the 7-years

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مؤتمر دولي في العاصمة لندن للكشف عن المقابر الجماعية في جغرافية ايران السياسية


بدعوة من جامعة متروبليتان البريطانية و منظمة العدالة لايران اقيم يوم السبت 14 من اكتوبر- تشرين الاول2016 مؤتمر حضره عدد كبير من المنظمات الانسانية و المعنيين بالشأن الايراني لكشف جرائم الدولة الايرانية خاصة

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Confiscation of thousands hectares of Ahwazi agricultural land continues by Iranian authorities


The Iranian authorities (Revolutionary Guards) informed Ahwazi agricultural land’s owners in the area of Juffair and its

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