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عائلة احوازية في استراليا تطالب المراكز الحقوقية مساندتها في قبول طلبها للجوء


خاطبت عائلة احوازية في استراليا المركز الاحوازي لحقوق الانسان مساعدتها في الضغط على المؤسسات الدولية المعنية بأمور اللاجئين  في استراليا النظر في تفعيل ملفهم الذي بات مقلق منذ اكثر من عام ونصف العام دون قبوله او رفضه.

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The dramatic rise in cancer statistics in Al-Ahwaz


"Shafa Hospital" is the only specialized cancer treatment center in Ahwaz capital,

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After a long time of secret execution, two Ahwazi martyr’s graves have been discovered


Human Rights activist from Al-Ahwaz reported that eye witness from “Joubeji” village located in 7 KM, Southeast of Ramez (Ramhormoz) city has testified that the Iranian security forces were buried two Ahwazi martyrs (Hashem Shaabani, poet and Hadi Rashidi, engineer) in last winter.

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Ahwazi Arabs homes demolished by Iranian authority


Day after day, the Iranian political lines revealed and the effect lies against the Arabs is shrinking, where their isolation popularly deepening through racial behavior against the peoples of non-Persian nationalities.

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